Titanium Grade 1

3.7025  /  UNS R50250

Titanium Grade 1 is “unalloyed” titanium offering optimum ductility and cold formability. The material has high impact toughness and is really weldable. The material is castable and is sometimes utilized “as cast” in detail applica-tions. The alloy is available as castings, wire, welded tube, bar, plate, sheet, forgings and billet. Typical Applications: for corrosion resis-tance in the chemical and marine industries, in air-frame constructions where maximum ease of formability is desired.


Strip/Sheets/Plates: ASTM B 265, ASTM F 67, ISO 5832-2



Ti   Balance
Fe max. 0.20 %
O max. 0.18 %
C max. 0.08 %
N max. 0.03 %
H max. 0.015 %
g/cm³   4.51
lb/in³   0.163
Recommended Welding Products
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