Zirkonium (Zr 702)

UNS R60702

Zirconium has high affinity to oxygen that facilitates the formation of a protective oxide film which result a high corrosion resistant in the most acids. Zirconium is used in various applications in the nuclear industry. Furthermore in the chemical industry for valves, pumps, tubes and heat exchanger as well in the medical industry for the reason that zirconium is biocompatible and non-toxic.

Zr + Hf min. 99.200 %
Hf max. 4.500 %
Fe + Cr max. 0.200 %
O max. 0.160 %
C max. 0.050 %
N max. 0.025 %
H max. 0.005 %
g/cm³   6.510
lb/in³   0.235
Recommended Welding Products
Wire Zr702 (AWS A5.24)